Monday, November 4, 2013

Finally, Jim's Jim the Jumper 2 Sprite is...

finally something that I am comfortable with, it took forever and many complete redesigns before I came up with what I now have. Just finished the Running animation sprites... Those took way longer than expected, it seems that I did not know what people's legs do when they run(they do not do the splits mid-air).

 Anyway, Jim the Jumper 2 can finally start progressing, yay...

Estimated release is currently...Summer 2014

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jim the Jumper Version 1.15 Release

Quite a bit of new stuff.

Sound effects
1 new Bonus Level
Everything in the shop is cheaper
New page in shop, where you can buy Jim's Skills which before you needed to win to unlock.
new opening credit screen added
and Title Change, first release with the new Title in the Title Screen.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Title Change

The Adventures of Jumping Jim <--- Old Title

The Adventures of Jim the Jumper  <------- New Title

This change will not effect the Title screen in previous releases (obviously), but in the next release the Title screen will reflect this new Change.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jumping Jim Update 1.10

A new Feature was added at the demand of my Tester, the Save and Quit Option.

If you are playing, and then you have to leave for whatever reason but you are in the middle of a level, just Pause the game with the "P" key and press the "Enter" key, it will save and close the game, next time you start the game, you will be exactly where you left off.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jumping Jim Update

  So, I still have a couple things to add, but With the addition of checkpoints I decided to release a new Update, Jumping Jim Ver. 1.06.

What's New:

1: Checkpoints in every level
2: Some Bug Fixes
3: Some added Graphics
4: New way to unlock each level(beating the previous level, whether in or out of Story mode, Will unlock the next Level; Beat level 1, unlock Level 2, beat Level 2, Unlock Level 3, and so on)

Still to come:

add some sound effects
Change Level 8's Song.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fixing Jumping Jim 1

My Tester (Finally) played Jumping Jim, and he had a lot of problems with the game, and now that I have addressed and fixed some, I see how much a new perspective on my games can help quite a bit.

1: Why does Jim bounce when landing? It prevents jumping right away and leads to death.
1a: Fixed, landing and Jumping are alot smoother.

2: It is quite tedious to have to start the Level all over again when you die.
2a: Checkpoints are being put in right now.

3: Why can I only aim up when fighting the last boss?
3a: Multi-directional attacking Implemented.

4:(from a passerby watching my Tester play) you need a way to tell how much damage you are doing to the enemies(Last boss)
4a: Last boss Health Bars Added.

5: there should be more sound effects
5a: coming soon

6: you should unlock the next level when you beat a level (beat level 1=unlock Level 2, Beat level 2= unlock level3...)
6a: Done.

7: You need more backgrounds
7a: working on it.

OK, before you check the Downloads page, I have not uploaded a new release yet, I will once all of the above are finished.

       Thank you.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jumping Jim Sequel

Yes, I have started working on the sequel for The Adventures of Jumping Jim. The gameplay will not be too similar, the only thing about it that makes it a sequel is the Story, if you finished Jumping Jim on Normal or Harder, you may have noticed that It didn't really end. I did that because I already had the Story for the Jumping Jim Two already planned.

In my last Post I said that this game would be either Rpg or Platformer, Jumping Jim Two(Title may change) is a platformer. It is planned to play similar to Metroidvania type gameplay, but of course, of my own design.

  Jumping Jim Two will take somewhat longer in development than Jumping Jim, which only took 2 1/2 months. The reason for this is that It will be Longer and coherent, as in, one area connects to the next, not just random rooms as in Jumping Jim. and there will be enemies, so far more sprites will be made, more songs, more story, more Fun!

Jumping Jim Two will have:

More Enemies
More Sprites
More Story
More Levels
Better Gameplay
More Fun.

  Estimated Release... Sometime in the Future (2014)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Final Jumping Jim Update?

Yes, Jumping Jim version 1.03 is the last update before I begin working on a new game.
  What this means is, that I can't think of anything to add to Jumping Jim, But I might later.
So Jumping Jim Might get new content/update, and it may not.

 Jumping Jim Version 1.03 available On the downloads Page.

My next game will be of one of the following genres:

Platformer, with guns and Better Story... And less Jumping straight up
Role Playing(RPG)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Version 1.00 Release

Basically, the game is done, and has been for a few days now. The only things left for me to do is

1: Pretty the game up(add backgrounds mostly)
2: add in all the Extra Characters and Levels that I can come up with.

Version 1.00 has :

1: Arcade on all difficulties
2: Every level has every difficulty available(if they have the option, Bonus levels do not have difficulty select)
3: 6 Playable Characters
4: 5 Bonus Level's (Basically 2, only slight change for one, and ... A secret one)
5: Original Music Composed by me...(>_>... it was my first time ever composing my own music...)
6: Sound effects where needed
7: Story, from start to finish, the Opening will only play once, so don't skip it, or you will have to move or erase you save to see it again.

I will continue to update until version 2.00 when I have Completely finished everything I want for the Game.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Busy Busy Busy.

  I have completed quite a bit since last update, too much for me to remember, I will try and say all that's new when I release the next update.
Current Version 0.81(Not Released)
  To give you guys an idea of how much I have done, I just Finished the Last Level for the most part, Just need to add some finishing touches. I am not releasing any playable versions because everything I have made starts locked, but I have yet to add in the ability to unlock any of it, so...

  That's all for now.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Version 0.70 Update

Finally a new Update, Yay!
Here's What's new:

1: Level 4
2: Level 5
3: Record's room(I think this is new)
4: 2 pages in Record Room, press right and left arrow keys to switch between page 1 and 2
5: start moving slower (not too noticeable unless you only want to move little tiny bit, before you couldn't)
6: Arcade Mode, play through all 5 levels one after another to unlock them individually.
7: Winning Arcade on Easy unlocks the first skill, Explanation after winning.
8: Another song old one for me... another left over from previous game.
9: Removed the bug where you get stuck in the wall and just fall through the floor.
10: you open doors by pressing up when in front of them, no more need to jump over each one to get where you want to go.
11: Alot of New platforms, some are not used yet.
11a: New platform 1: appears when you are directly above it
11b: New Platform 2: Appears when you are Directly below it.
12: First Boss(Kinda) Level 5 Boss, be careful, it's tough
13: a couple new death sprites, only for Green shirt Jim right now.
14: Coins/Currency has been added
15: Touching spikes (and therefore Dying) removes all coins in all levels until you return to main menu.
16: Level 4's background was updated from a previous version(unreleased)
17: Record times were not recording new times for unknown reason, ... just realized I forgot to fix it entirely, will do by next update.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Video of Ver.0.65

Here is the Video I made showing some gameplay of Jumping Jim ver. 0.65

Ver. 0.65 Update

I have Just Released Jumping Jim ver. 0.65.
Here's what's New/Different

1: Main Menu has been updated, looks better and is easier to get to where you want to go.
2: Exit's have been placed inside every level, now you can leave at the start if you decide to (before you had to complete the level or exit the game)
3: difficulty selecting screen is improved, no more accidentally returning to the top of the main menu any more.
4: Level 3 is now accessible on Easy difficulty.
5: Access to the Character Select screen is now available, before it was just out of reach.
6: new Character to play as...(just a different color shirt and pants)
7: The Records room has been added, now you can see all of your records in one room, no more having to complete a level just to see your old record.
8: small death animation added for new Stationary spikes, found in Level 3.
9: New Platforms, there is 3 new ones, all Vanishing platforms:
   1: Vanishes after 3.1 seconds, these fade until they vanish
   2: Vanishes after 13.1 Seconds, these slowly fade until the vanish
   3: Vanishes Randomly, between 2/3 second to 13 seconds(about), these just pop in and out without warning.
10: when you return to the Main Menu from any of the 5 rooms, you are now near the door you came from.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not Really a Demo, is it?

I have decided to stop referring to my releases as "Demos" since they are not really demos, but more like, releases of an early Unfinished version of a Game.
 So from now on, they will be labeled as:

Jumping Jim ver. x.xx

we are currently on

Jumping Jim ver. 0.63

...That's it for now.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Demo Ver.0.63

Well, I was playing through Level 2 of the demo when... I found out that it was too difficult without the Special Skills unlocked...So I made it easier...
As you can see, I was able to complete it now.

 I will have both Demo ver. 0.62 and 0.63 available for download, so you can see if you can do what I could not.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick Demo Update

I removed the Demo that I uploaded yesterday and replaced it with a ...hmm, Demo i'm more comfortable with. Here's what's different:

1: changed the Save file, it is now More difficult to edit (Hopefully)
2: Removed the "F" Key cheat, which I forgot about, and was only for debugging purposes (it made you fly, in case you were wondering)

That's all.

oh, about the song in the game, it is a temporary Place holder, it was made for my last game, but I found it too bland...but it was all I had available that I made, so for the demo, you are stuck with it.

My current best time on the demo, can you beat it...(I fell, like, 8 Times, so it should be easy to beat. "F9" takes a screenshot.)

A Demo!? WTF!?

Well, yeah, probably a bit early in the game development for a Demo, but it's more like a "Play it and make Suggestions, and bug reports  please".
 Anyway, yes there is a Demo available for Download now the Link will be in the Downloads Section.

The Name of the Game is "The Adventures of Jumping Jim" and as I said, it's free to play! Isn't that great?

Before you download I have a couple things you should read before downloading:

1: I recommend putting the .exe in a new folder somewhere, because the game will create a Save file when you start it up for the first time.

2: DON'T TOUCH THE SAVE FILE!! (You can Move it, but don't try to Edit it, and it must remain in the same location as the .exe. Delete it and you will have to start all over and you lose your record Times and unlocks...obviously)

3: Don't be a dumbass... if you see that the Main Menu is unfinished, don't run off the cannot get back up without restarting the game.

4: Save after every Level you complete, there is No auto save Function(should there be?)

Alright, Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Been a while

Just Letting everyone know, that I stopped working on the game that I was working on, because it was far too ambitious to try and make such an advanced game by myself, so I am planning on making short free games forever(plans can change, but for now, this is the plan).
So look forward to my next update with some details about my new project.