Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Borders Begone!

  This is a small update, I haven't  done too much since my last update, but I have decided due to another change I made, that the borders on the sides will be replaced by a hud in the upper left corner.
  I have made this change for a couple reasons, the main one being that the reason I had for having borders instead of a hud in the first place, is no longer relevant. I had went with a stationary camera/view, and it moved only when you moved out of view(Kinda like The Original Legend of Zelda on the NES) now I have the camera follow you, keeping you in the center the whole time(kinda like Legasista, or just about every side scrolling game in existence).

PS: I have made two short looping songs for the game so far, whether they will be in the final release...I don't know.

No pics this time Sorry.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Progress Report

  Hello, I have been working on my game a lot recently, mostly menu's and the things that pertain to them.
I have a few pictures for you today, and I would like to explain a couple.

Here you see two identical sprites for the main character, don't worry, that is temporary.

in this picture you can see the dialogue box, don't worry I know it's bland, it is temporary as well.

  Now here is what I have been spending most of my time on the pause menu(and the title screen, but I'll show a pic of that next update because I want to finish something on it before showing it)
  On the left side of the screen you have your Physical attributes such as HP, Attack, Defense, and some other stuff(more to come), and on the right of the screen you have your magical attributes such as MP, Magic attack, magic Defense, and other stuff(also more to come).
  In the the center is the actual "Pause" screen where it also displays your stats but has where you equip everything and descriptions of your equipment, Items, Armor. The pause menu's are not 100% finished(about 20%) once I finish all the coding and have it in perfect working order i'll work on touching up the aesthetic aspect of the menu( aligning the text better, maybe round the edges a little, or make a better looking border).
  If you're wondering what "Hidden" is in the menu, don't, because I just put that there at the time because I did not know what was gonna go there, right now if you click on it it just takes you to the Key Configuration screen(it'll probably be "Options" later so just pretend that "Hidden" says "Options").

   As you can see, I have only made two Gun modifications that you can equip so far...More to come obviously.
   Here is my first real enemy that I made, one pixel at a time. If you are wondering what they are, well you'll just have to wait for the story, yes, I already have a reason for why crystals are attacking you, I came up with the story before I even started working on anything else.

  I'm not sure if they are too easy or too hard...If you notice my level skyrocket, that is because I currently have a way to level up a lot with a touch of a button...You will not have that ability, it is only for me and my Tester(s).

PS: The "Walls" you see in all my screen caps are also temporary.
And just so you guys know, There is NO max level in my game, yes you heard right(well, read right), there is no max level.

Things that are finished:
2:One enemy
3:About 20% of the pause menu
4: About 25% of the Title menu(no pics yet)
5: Side borders to always show your stats
6: 20%(?) of the Gun Modifications complete
7:80% of the Key Configuration screen

Things to do:
1: Lots