Sunday, August 11, 2013

Version 0.70 Update

Finally a new Update, Yay!
Here's What's new:

1: Level 4
2: Level 5
3: Record's room(I think this is new)
4: 2 pages in Record Room, press right and left arrow keys to switch between page 1 and 2
5: start moving slower (not too noticeable unless you only want to move little tiny bit, before you couldn't)
6: Arcade Mode, play through all 5 levels one after another to unlock them individually.
7: Winning Arcade on Easy unlocks the first skill, Explanation after winning.
8: Another song old one for me... another left over from previous game.
9: Removed the bug where you get stuck in the wall and just fall through the floor.
10: you open doors by pressing up when in front of them, no more need to jump over each one to get where you want to go.
11: Alot of New platforms, some are not used yet.
11a: New platform 1: appears when you are directly above it
11b: New Platform 2: Appears when you are Directly below it.
12: First Boss(Kinda) Level 5 Boss, be careful, it's tough
13: a couple new death sprites, only for Green shirt Jim right now.
14: Coins/Currency has been added
15: Touching spikes (and therefore Dying) removes all coins in all levels until you return to main menu.
16: Level 4's background was updated from a previous version(unreleased)
17: Record times were not recording new times for unknown reason, ... just realized I forgot to fix it entirely, will do by next update.