Uber_B's Dungeon Adventure

Title: Uber_B's Dungeon Adventure
Genre: action adventure..Maybe I never know what genre things are.
Price: ads = Free / NO ads = $1
Platform: Android
Free Game:       Link To Free Game
Paid Game:       Link to Paid Game  (WARNING! Save Data does not carry over from free to paid)
Current Number of Dungeon Floors: 45+
Current Dungeons: "Easy", "Normal", "Hard", "Original", "Bonus"
Playable Characters: 10 (3 at the Start + 7 Unlockable)
Speed Settings: Choose anywhere from 25% to 200%
Easy Dungeon Floors:     9 Easy Floors + 1 Boss Floor + 1 Secret Floor
Normal Dungeon Floors: I don't remember at this time but there are over 10
Hard Dungeon Floors:    6 Hard Floors + 1 Boss Floor + 1 Secret Boss Floor
Original Dungeon Floors:14 Original Floors + 1 Boss Floor + 1 Secret Boss Floor

Q:Why should I get the Paid Version if the Full Game is now Free?
A: Only if you really loathe ads + There is now new content in the paid Version.

Q:What's new?
A: Bonus Dungeon and Hard Dungeons Unlocked from start, 1 new bonus dungeon, and still, no ads .

Q:Are there going to be any Updates?

A:When I get to them, if you want to see what is planned, check the bottom of this page.

Q: Which Character is Best?
A: Well "Uber_B" is the absolute strongest, so much so, that your device may slow down during his attacks, but most of the characters are really useful in certain situations but completely useless in others.

Q: How do I unlock "Uber_B"?
A: You need to get 23 Awards and have 10,000+ kills

Q: Why is he so hard to unlock?
A: ...He is WAY too overpowered.

Q:Is this page Finished

Planned Updates:
1: More Sound Effects
2: More Bonus Dungeons
3: Possible Bonus Boss(es)?
4:? Finish the character roster?(I can't think of 4 more characters at this time)
More info Coming soon

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