Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Borders Begone!

  This is a small update, I haven't  done too much since my last update, but I have decided due to another change I made, that the borders on the sides will be replaced by a hud in the upper left corner.
  I have made this change for a couple reasons, the main one being that the reason I had for having borders instead of a hud in the first place, is no longer relevant. I had went with a stationary camera/view, and it moved only when you moved out of view(Kinda like The Original Legend of Zelda on the NES) now I have the camera follow you, keeping you in the center the whole time(kinda like Legasista, or just about every side scrolling game in existence).

PS: I have made two short looping songs for the game so far, whether they will be in the final release...I don't know.

No pics this time Sorry.

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