Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fixing Jumping Jim 1

My Tester (Finally) played Jumping Jim, and he had a lot of problems with the game, and now that I have addressed and fixed some, I see how much a new perspective on my games can help quite a bit.

1: Why does Jim bounce when landing? It prevents jumping right away and leads to death.
1a: Fixed, landing and Jumping are alot smoother.

2: It is quite tedious to have to start the Level all over again when you die.
2a: Checkpoints are being put in right now.

3: Why can I only aim up when fighting the last boss?
3a: Multi-directional attacking Implemented.

4:(from a passerby watching my Tester play) you need a way to tell how much damage you are doing to the enemies(Last boss)
4a: Last boss Health Bars Added.

5: there should be more sound effects
5a: coming soon

6: you should unlock the next level when you beat a level (beat level 1=unlock Level 2, Beat level 2= unlock level3...)
6a: Done.

7: You need more backgrounds
7a: working on it.

OK, before you check the Downloads page, I have not uploaded a new release yet, I will once all of the above are finished.

       Thank you.

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