Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jumping Jim Sequel

Yes, I have started working on the sequel for The Adventures of Jumping Jim. The gameplay will not be too similar, the only thing about it that makes it a sequel is the Story, if you finished Jumping Jim on Normal or Harder, you may have noticed that It didn't really end. I did that because I already had the Story for the Jumping Jim Two already planned.

In my last Post I said that this game would be either Rpg or Platformer, Jumping Jim Two(Title may change) is a platformer. It is planned to play similar to Metroidvania type gameplay, but of course, of my own design.

  Jumping Jim Two will take somewhat longer in development than Jumping Jim, which only took 2 1/2 months. The reason for this is that It will be Longer and coherent, as in, one area connects to the next, not just random rooms as in Jumping Jim. and there will be enemies, so far more sprites will be made, more songs, more story, more Fun!

Jumping Jim Two will have:

More Enemies
More Sprites
More Story
More Levels
Better Gameplay
More Fun.

  Estimated Release... Sometime in the Future (2014)

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