Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Version 1.00 Release

Basically, the game is done, and has been for a few days now. The only things left for me to do is

1: Pretty the game up(add backgrounds mostly)
2: add in all the Extra Characters and Levels that I can come up with.

Version 1.00 has :

1: Arcade on all difficulties
2: Every level has every difficulty available(if they have the option, Bonus levels do not have difficulty select)
3: 6 Playable Characters
4: 5 Bonus Level's (Basically 2, only slight change for one, and ... A secret one)
5: Original Music Composed by me...(>_>... it was my first time ever composing my own music...)
6: Sound effects where needed
7: Story, from start to finish, the Opening will only play once, so don't skip it, or you will have to move or erase you save to see it again.

I will continue to update until version 2.00 when I have Completely finished everything I want for the Game.

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