Friday, July 26, 2013

A Demo!? WTF!?

Well, yeah, probably a bit early in the game development for a Demo, but it's more like a "Play it and make Suggestions, and bug reports  please".
 Anyway, yes there is a Demo available for Download now the Link will be in the Downloads Section.

The Name of the Game is "The Adventures of Jumping Jim" and as I said, it's free to play! Isn't that great?

Before you download I have a couple things you should read before downloading:

1: I recommend putting the .exe in a new folder somewhere, because the game will create a Save file when you start it up for the first time.

2: DON'T TOUCH THE SAVE FILE!! (You can Move it, but don't try to Edit it, and it must remain in the same location as the .exe. Delete it and you will have to start all over and you lose your record Times and unlocks...obviously)

3: Don't be a dumbass... if you see that the Main Menu is unfinished, don't run off the cannot get back up without restarting the game.

4: Save after every Level you complete, there is No auto save Function(should there be?)

Alright, Enjoy.

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