Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick Demo Update

I removed the Demo that I uploaded yesterday and replaced it with a ...hmm, Demo i'm more comfortable with. Here's what's different:

1: changed the Save file, it is now More difficult to edit (Hopefully)
2: Removed the "F" Key cheat, which I forgot about, and was only for debugging purposes (it made you fly, in case you were wondering)

That's all.

oh, about the song in the game, it is a temporary Place holder, it was made for my last game, but I found it too bland...but it was all I had available that I made, so for the demo, you are stuck with it.

My current best time on the demo, can you beat it...(I fell, like, 8 Times, so it should be easy to beat. "F9" takes a screenshot.)

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