Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ver. 0.65 Update

I have Just Released Jumping Jim ver. 0.65.
Here's what's New/Different

1: Main Menu has been updated, looks better and is easier to get to where you want to go.
2: Exit's have been placed inside every level, now you can leave at the start if you decide to (before you had to complete the level or exit the game)
3: difficulty selecting screen is improved, no more accidentally returning to the top of the main menu any more.
4: Level 3 is now accessible on Easy difficulty.
5: Access to the Character Select screen is now available, before it was just out of reach.
6: new Character to play as...(just a different color shirt and pants)
7: The Records room has been added, now you can see all of your records in one room, no more having to complete a level just to see your old record.
8: small death animation added for new Stationary spikes, found in Level 3.
9: New Platforms, there is 3 new ones, all Vanishing platforms:
   1: Vanishes after 3.1 seconds, these fade until they vanish
   2: Vanishes after 13.1 Seconds, these slowly fade until the vanish
   3: Vanishes Randomly, between 2/3 second to 13 seconds(about), these just pop in and out without warning.
10: when you return to the Main Menu from any of the 5 rooms, you are now near the door you came from.

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